My name is Helga Szilvia Petrényi-Petrik (just call me: Helga) - I work as a cosmetician and masseur here in Wien, at Metamorphosys.

As I just started to learn German, I made this website in English.

I was born in 1973 (now I'm 38) in Hungary. Actually I live in Budapest and I manage my own Beauty Salon, called also "Sunset Garden" - but as I would like to move to Wien soon, I came here and start to work 1 week in each month.

Maybe it's interesting to know that before I became a cosmetician, I had been working as a Personal Assistant at international companies ( such as RTL Television in Hungary, or big auditors eg. Ernst & Young.) This is why I can use the PC and the Internet quite well. I aslo have a University degree of Arts and Science.

Some years ago I changed my life and I learnt how to be a profession cosmetician and masseur. 

I always felt that I would like to help people, to do something more...

In the last few years I has been learning lots of beauty and massage techniques. I learnt about aromatherapy, essentials and natural cosmetics. I learnt hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage, classig massage - including the knowledge of lymphosystem and meridian lines. I'm also interested in reiki.

It is said, that my touch is very gentle, and "there is something in my hands". I hope so...

If you need to feel yourself more energized and relaxed, do not miss a good facial or body massage!

I look forward to seeing you soon!

* * *

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Send me and e-mail: helga [@] sunsetgarden.at

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